Preorder Offer

Just a reminder if you preorder a copy of SPIRIT’S KEY, you’ll receive a Spirit’s Key goodie bag containing a key necklace in your choice of color, a signed bookplate, a sticker with the fabulous book cover, a bookmark, and postcards! (US only for key necklace. Flat objects can be mailed internationally). See instructions below.


Spirit's Key goodies!

Spirit’s Key goodies!


1. Email your receipt to edithcohn(at)gmail(dot)com Subject line: Gimme Swag!

2. Bookplates! Bookplates are author-signed stickers that you can put inside your copy of the book so that it is signed by me. Include the name of the person you’d like your book signed to or just say, non-personalized if you prefer. If you have ordered multiple books, include all recipients names.

3. Specify your color choice. Key necklaces come in Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, Fuchsia, and Light Pink.

Get your SPIRIT’S KEY swag pack while supplies last!

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