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Stuff You Can Get for Free!

1. A Common Core Aligned Discussion Guide (Meets CCSS ELA Literacy Standards)

Click link above to download & print.

2. A Be the Breed That Reads Poster (while supplies last)

Teachers (grades 3-8) and elementary or children’s librarians can get a free 16 x 20 Spirit’s Key literacy poster featuring my pup, Leia (while supplies last). Just ask! Please include the name of your school or library along with your address in the form below.  (US locations only.)

Stacey Rattner, a K-5 Librarian, with her Spirit's Key literacy poster

Stacey Rattner, a K-5 Librarian, with her Spirit’s Key literacy poster

3. A Skype visit:


Any class who has read or is in the process of reading SPIRIT’S KEY can get a free 20 minutes Question and Answer session with Edith on Skype or Google Hangout. Email Edith or fill out the form below to set this up. Here are some tips for teachers on how to conduct a Skype visit with an author: Tips.


4. A signed bookplate

I can personalize if you send me the name.


5. Two fun interviews just for teachers! 1. We Are Teachers Interview 2. Kid Lit Frenzy Interview

6. A podcast with The Busy Librarian in which I discuss my writing process and more! Let’s Get Busy Podcast

7. An in-person visit:


I love visiting schools! My presentation includes writing tips, advice on how to deal with rejection and encouraging kids to work hard to achieve their dreams.

IMG_3893I do free school visits in Los Angeles. However, I am not scheduling any additional schools for the 2016/2017 school year. If you are interested in having me for the following 2017/2018 school year, please email. Thank you so much for the huge interest in me & my book.



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